r.m.rudy (refractive) wrote in inthesheets,

Heh. again. HELP!

sorry, i was offline for a major ammount of time. but now im back with a vengeance! heh.

I was wondering if i could get a layout with:

no rectangular box that says the date above each entry

no box at the top and bottom of my page, just the words with the links to my respective pages (friends, profile, etc) [i'll find a way to manipulate the text on my own, but if i cant, ill beg my friend to teach me]

my icon thing picture to not be on every entry

a fairly dark avocado green bacground with mellow orange entry boxes, and practically-black-maroon-brick-red font color

and can i have my entries bordered in a really thin, white, rectangular box with rounded edges, yknow, like a nametag?

actually, i'd like my layout to look like this, without the man and with a richer/brighter orange...

and any interesting things you have wanted to include on a layout to see if they look cool, please feel free to experiment with my layout. i'll be happy with anything but what i have now.

thank you so much

Is there anyone out there that has the time to design me a pretty little layout? [IM me at slowmotionaddict or leave me a comment here
or there]
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