This Must be the End of the Line... (ana_logical) wrote in inthesheets,
This Must be the End of the Line...

This pic with the words "Like music every line..." In a script font and animated words... thanks in advance and all the credit you want will be given...

And if anyone is willing to help me with a layout please email me asap... I was recommended to a girl named Beth becasue I loved mylipsarepink's layout so much, but I don't know who she is. I have the pics and style for the layout chosen, so if your up for it please let me know a Thanks!

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Hey! I'm beth!!
Just email me at the following email address:
I'd kill for you to do a hanson layout for me.. pallleeeassssssse.
email me!!!
I am pretty sure that you're the Beth who did my taylor hanson layout.. I was wondering if you could do an Olsen Twins background for me.
email me.
yeah, ya'll. sorry if i didn't get to yours. i'll actually do them now!! lol. so email me: